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Are you an experienced yoga teacher? Would you enjoy teaching other people about the countless benefits of yoga and what the yogi lifestyle has to offer? Become part of the team of one of the fastest growing yoga lifestyle magazines online. We are looking for a yoga professional with superb writing skills, a desire to deepen their knowledge and a passion for having a positive impact on people’s lives through well written and researched content. — Who We Are — We are a fast growing yoga lifestyle magazine focused on high quality content around all things yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. We strive to add value and share the benefits of the “yogi lifestyle” by publishing in-depth and well researched articles regarding various yoga related topics. We see ourselves more as YogaJournal than Buzzfeed–meaning we aim for high quality long form content instead of short social media focused posts, although we know that there is room for both. Currently we attract over 15,000 monthly visitors but will most likely hit 20,000 by the end of the month and close to 100,000 by the end of the year. We are striving to become one of the best and most comprehensive yoga lifestyle platforms on the web. Therefore, we would love for you to become a part of our journey, and we want you to have fun in the process! — Who We Are Looking For — Since we want to keep quality high we do have a few requirements you need to bring to the table: – Ideally a registered yoga teacher (200h or more) – Need to have strong experience in writing for the web – Need to have strong research skills – Great in breaking down complex topics into digestible chunks while retaining the core message – Have a good understanding of how people read online articles these days and how to optimize your articles for these requirements – Experience with google docs and ideally Trello (though not required) Besides those requirements I am also looking for someone with the right mindset so it would be great if you: – Have a passion for yoga (duh!) – Know the general yogic jargon, phrases, and language – Hunger for knowledge and want to learn more about various aspects of yoga – Hate (hate hate hate) fluffy content and want to provide to the point information – Really want to have a positive impact on other people’s lives! – Are a strong believer in (body) positivity, equality, mindfulness… – Love to think and work for yourself (because we hate micromanagement) — Your Job — Alright, hopefully you are not too scared yet :) Let’s take a look at what the actual job looks like, shall we? You will: – Do your own research that goes beyond googling competitor articles. Read medical studies, books or ask experts if necessary. – Structure and write in-depth articles (1000-3000 words) about various yoga related topics in a manner which is cohesive with our established tone and voice. – Research and add additional media to your content, such as related images and Youtube videos. No need to be a WordPress or tech wizard! We have people for that. We want you to focus on writing exceptional articles–not more, not less. You will write these kind of articles: – How-to guides – Tutorials – Purely informational articles – Product reviews We will provide the subjects / topics to write on, and a short outline of the articles content, but there will be lots of room for creativity and to write to your own style. We might also be willing to accept your input on article ideas and subjects, so let us know what you’re most passionate about in the world of yoga! To make our text more easily read and suitable for the web, we will expect your articles to be scannable with: – Good use of headings – Bullet-points and numbered lists – Bolding and italics when necessary — What You Get In Return — Phew, almost done! Now for the interesting part. Want to know what you get out of this? – A regular income to substitute your own yoga business (we aim for 1-3 articles per week) – Fame :-) and a chance to promote your name to thousands of readers – A possibility to advance in your role (we might be looking for an editor in chief in the foreseeable future)

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