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REQUIREMENTS: 1. Be available to write up to 3-5 blog items a week. Typical blog items will average around 400 words. 2. You must have EXCELLENT command of the English language and a professional writing style. We would expect that your blogs appear to be written by a man (since you will be blogging on my behalf) and be professional but informal style. 3. You must care, be communicative of your schedule, and meet deadlines as long as they are reasonable. 4. We are looking for someone that can do this a few hours a week on a very regular basis for long-term. We want to feel like this person is a part of our team. 5. We must see a few samples of your recent writing. BACKGROUND CondoBlackBook is a leading portal for those seeking to buy and sell condos in the Miami area. We provide local information on condos (like more elaborate building amenity photos, site plans, floor plans, localized knowledge, etc) that is not as commonly found in more generic, national and non-condo-specific websites. Our audience is made up of both locals and out-of-towners (domestic and international) interested in Miami area condos and high-density neighborhoods where condos are abundant. This audience is typically made up of prospective buyers, condo owners and some simply interested in Miami and the miami condo market in general. GOAL The goal of the blog is to assist in creating a brand for condo black book that is associated with these high-density neighborhoods and anything condo-related in the Miami area. We want to be the trusted resource for anything related to condos, so that whenever someone thinks of a Miami condo, they think condoblackbook. We want the reader to feel interested and involved in the progress, dynamic energy and growth that Miami encompasses. We are the curators of this information. As a secondary goal, we want the blog to assist in generating more natural search engine traffic. OVERVIEW OF WRITING TASK In this site we have multiple popular neighborhoods and within each neighborhood we have many buildings. On a daily basis there are news items that come on the market in relation to a specific neighborhood or building. When those news items come out, we want to offer them to you to write a brief summary about, with some commentary suggestions from us, with then also a link to the main article so that we don't break any copyright laws. Also, we occasionally will have topics where we will write original content and post as well. For those, I will give you an outline of what to write about and then you can create the blog for my review. For now, we plan on hiring a few of you and will give you a couple of test articles to work on. Once we feel we have a good flow with you, the quantity and complexity of the work will increase. Later on, if you have the skill sets, we can also extend your work to writing press releases as well in the future in regard to our company and the market. We have a detailed blog guidelines document that we can present to you for an understanding of our overall goals, writing style expectations, etc. Please also submit a few examples of your most recent writing. We look forward of adding you to our great team.

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