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The Logical Entrepreneur is looking for a writer for a series of How-to posts about setting up social media and running a campaign, from the first person perspective with enough fluency on the topic to sound like you really know what you’re talking about. • The tone must be US English conversational • Post should be in the 1000+ word range with screen shots • Grammar and all the other mechanics must be correct • Written at the high school level, like the NY Times • We use holistic SEO, so we’ll be including some key words, but not so many as to make it choppy • As usual, everything must be original. The most important part is that your writing covers the topic, flows, and engages the reader; we want your voice to shine through, provided it’s appropriate to the audience. You probably should come by the site and take a look at how we write to get a feel, please visit We want to make sure you get the credit for at least the initial posting of your work on our site, so we will include an author bio and give you a link or two. Plan on about $40 per post, this is a how-to series and since social media seems to be ever changing it can go on for some time. Plan on 1 post every 2 weeks, we’re pretty flexible on the submission schedule and many of our writers knock out 4-5 and wait a while and then do another batch. The basic business rules apply, you need to be diligent and get the work done on time without a lot of hassle and a minimum of supervision. That means, once we agree the topic list and test the “feel” of the work, you’re pretty much on auto-pilot. If you writing blows our socks off we can discuss a little more money. We do play by the IRS rules, so either we run you through a site like Upwork, or 1099. If you are from a foreign nation, I will only run you through Upwork. Sorry, we’re not going to send you an envelope with cash in it. Last but not least, we have a publishing agreement that you get to sign. We can discuss all the details later.

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