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Hi! My name is Nina and I'm responsible for the editorial and writers team on We're an established website related to cloud storage, backup and more cloud-related apps and services. Our goal is to provide actionable, detail-oriented, long-form articles, reviews and how-to's about the above-mentioned topics. If you are a "Marketing", "SEO Blogger", Agency or a Generalist, this job is NOT for you. Currently, we're looking to hire a talented writer with a clearly defined area of expertise to contribute articles to our website on a regular basis. We would start with 1 or 2 blog posts per week and we are more than happy to expand this if you provide top-notch and well-researched articles and articles ideas. Our average article length is way beyond 1000 words, ideally, we could get great articles at the 2000 or 3000-word mark but we also like to publish long-form, in-depth guides of 5,000 words+. Suffice to say, that we have very high editorial standards because our readers trust us to provide them with correct facts and data tables about services and topics. Did I say the articles must be well-researched? Good. And you must have experienced with cloud apps/services or be willing to give them a brief test by installing a trial version and form and expert opinion on them based on your experience with other SaaS services. You don't need to know every app out there, but it is absolutely vital to have a good grasp on tech in general and be a critical and objective observer. No review or articles should be written in isolation but compared to other services in the field, so you need to have (or acquire) good knowledge in our covered topics. Here are some sample topics of our editorial calendar: – How to use Google Drive to Backup Your Data – Should I Use an External Hard Drive for Backup? – Personal Cloud Storage Showdown: QNAP vs Synology – Evernote vs Google Drive:Which one makes you more productive? – A Step-by-Step No-Nonsense Guide on How Google Drive Works – 17 Pro Tips for Workflow Automation We have a strict editorial calendar and our editors will give you article titles and keywords, and a deadline. We will have a lot of back and forth in the first weeks, but as you'll get to know how we work, article submission will be a lot faster. Do check out our latest articles we publish and make yourself familiar with our style. We want our writers to focus on WRITING, but you may be required to add some screenshots to our shared Google Drive folder (instructions will be given). Also, you should be able to create data tables that summarize information about providers, services, and apps. I would love to see three sample articles (not more, so pick your best!) you've written and a customized application is really appreciated. Looking forward to working with you, Nina.

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